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Waist trimmers have recently earned a lot of publicity as increasing numbers of celebrities like the Kardashians have begun extolling their virtues. Promoted as helping the body to burn hard to shift belly fat while slimming the waist and making the wearer sweat, these garments seem to promise miraculous weight loss. However, while they have their supporters, there are also many people who condemn waist trimmers, saying that they are a waste of money. So, do waist trimmers really work? In this article, we take a closer look at these special belts and analyse how successful they can be in helping you to achieve your body goals.

The Theory Behind Waist Trimmerswearing a waist trimmer

Many people who are trying to shape up find it difficult to get rid of that last bit of belly fat which always seems to be stubborn and tricky to shift. So, no wonder that they turn to waist trimmers which are marketed as garments that are specifically designed to work on this particular body part. These belts are manufactured from neoprene which is not a breathable fabric, and therefore when they are worn during a workout, extra heat is generated around the body’s midsection causing the wearer to sweat more. As the body heats up, it must work harder in an attempt to bring the temperature back down to a normal level, and this results in extra calories being burned, hence the weight loss.

Does A Waist Trimmer Produce An Immediate Result?

If you wear a waist trimmer for working out, you will immediately look slimmer. This is because these belts are made from a strong elastic fabric which is worn relatively tightly against the skin to make the stomach and waist look smaller. This will create an instant illusion of a slimmer waist, and many people also notice that when they remove the waist trimmer, their body continues to look slimmer for a few hours until the effect eventually wears off. Therefore, it is easy to see that a waist trimmer can, at least temporarily, change the wearer’s silhouette while also helping them to achieve an improved posture that serves to create a slimmer profile.

Can A Waist Trimmer Produce A More Long Lasting Result?

Neoprene waist trainers are designed specifically for wear while working out, to heat up the midsection of the body and cause sweating. The effect on the body is similar to what happens in a sauna, helping with detoxification and fat burning through maintaining a higher core temperature. Following the workout, the wearer will often feel and look slimmer, and this immediate result is because of the water loss from sweat. This has led to many people saying that waist trimmers do not really work because the loss is purely water which will be replaced as soon as the wearer rehydrates. However, this does not take into account the extra calories that are burned from trying to balance the body’s temperature. While this effect does serve to help the wearer to lose weight in the long run, it is important to note that a long lasting effect will not be achieved unless the belt is worn regularly during exercise. It is also important to be aware that a frequent workout routine in conjunction with a healthy diet must be adopted in order to maximise the effect.

Do All Waist Trimmers Work?waist trimmer side view

Anyone who is keen to try wearing a waist trimmer as part of their regular workout routine should be aware that not every product is of equal effectiveness, and choosing the right one is essential to achieve the desired result. For a waist trimmer to work effectively, it must be made from high-quality materials – neoprene is the preferred material since it is soft enough to be comfortable while also increasing the body’s core temperature. It must also fasten securely in order to remain firmly in place throughout the wearer’s exercise routine and to protect against the neoprene tearing during use. The best waist trimmers usually have metal hooks as well as Velcro straps to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.

What To Be Aware Of

Before rushing out to buy a waist trimmer, it is important to remember that it should be worn only according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Waist trimmers are not designed to be worn for extended periods and should be removed after exercising as they compress the body’s internal organs, and this could lead to health problems in the long term. When wearing a waist trimmer, it is important to build up the length of time that you wear it and how long you exercise for, however consistency is the key to success. When a waist trimmer is worn as part of a healthy diet and exercise regime, it will certainly work over time to help the wearer achieve the body that they have been hoping for.


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