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Losing weight as a woman is hard work no matter who you are. Whether you’re counting calories, frequenting the gym or trying to understand nutritional labels, losing the right amount of weight can take a lot of time depending on your dream body. As a way to expedite the weight loss process, many women turn to waist trainers to help compress target areas while simultaneously accelerating weight loss. However, garments like these can have a downside as well.

The Rise of Waist Trainers

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Waist trainers are experiencing a significant increase in popularity. From celebrities to everyday women, many people swear by the effectiveness of using a waist trainer. Waist training allows the back, hips and core to be cinched as the wearer continues to use the garment. As you wear the waist trainer continuously, the body will be molded into a shapelier figure.

Most women wear a waist trainer as they go throughout their daily lives and even as they work out. Since waist trainers are worn over a period of time, this garment will seem like a harmless and pain-free option for those that wish to alter their body shape, but the truth about waist training goes far beyond the surface level. Although waist training can offer incredible results, it often comes at a dangerous price.

The Risks of Waist Training

Waist trainers pose and create many health risks for the women that wear them. Many women and health professionals see waist training as a throwback to the dark ages. Women that wear these garments are choosing to squish in their ribs and lungs, which can cause respiratory complications. This can lead to fainting spells, compressed lungs, crushed organs and broken or fractured ribs.

Additionally, when it comes to using a waist trainer as a weight loss device, the trainers are actually ineffective. Yes, this garment can shape the body, but the fat itself will not disappear by wearing a waist trainer. Reducing fat in a particular area is never an effective fitness method, particularly when wearing something as dangerous as a waist trainer.

Most women that have used waist trainers will find that the changes are not long lasting. Your waist will become tightly cinched over time, but unless the waist trainer is worn forever, it will not be a permanent change.

How it Feels

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Women that are still considering a waist trainer should understand how it really feels to wear one. When wearing a waist trainer, one’s movements are constricted as well as breathing abilities. Women wearing waist trainers often attribute the tightness around their bodies and the excess sweating they experience while training to be the garment working to slim their waists. However, this can be untrue and lead to exhaustion. The best way for anyone to actively lose weight is the tried and true methods of working out and eating properly.

Taking the right precautions


A waist trainer should be tight, but it should not leave you struggling to breathe or make you have difficulty moving. By wearing a corset that it is excessively tight, you can put yourself in danger. If you’re picking a waist trainer, it’s recommended that you are measured by a professional and take the time to have one tailored to fit you properly.

If you, like many don’t have the ability to have one specially manufactured, you must ensure that you pick a waist trainer that is tight enough so that it can do what it’s supposed to. But it’s also important to pick one that is not so tight that it causes you harm.

One common thing that people get wrong is that they measure their waist for a waist trainer rather than around the midsection, which is actually where garment fits. So keep that in mind when you order your corset.

If you are currently waist training or thinking about starting, consider the long-term effects on your body. Sacrificing your health for a short-term solution can’t be worth it, can it?

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