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Too much of a good thing can be damaging, and this certainly is the case with waist training and other shapewear. Going overboard with restrictive garments like these can create a world of problems for your body, mind and overall health. However, when waist training is done properly and safely, you can achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

How to Train Safelycorrect waist training

The first step in waist training safely involves you setting realistic goals about your body and the results that you hope to see. It is unwise and unhealthy to have a specific celebrity or model as your “end goal.” Your body is unlike anyone else’s, and there are several factors that may prevent you from ever reaching a goal like that. Instead, set a goal for a certain amount of inches you would like to lose off your waist as well as how long you intend to train for. Then, you will want to set goals for your diet and fitness as well.

Next, you will want to choose the best trainer for your body. For the healthiest waist training, you will want to get a garment that you can work out with. This will make it more comfortable to waist train as you exercise, which will only help to shape your body more efficiently. Additionally, you may want to wear a waist trainer to work as well. When searching or waist trainers for the office, look at garments with neutral colors that can easily be worn under office clothes.

After considering where and when you will be wearing your trainer, you will need to consider what material your waist trainer will be made of. Most waist trainers are made with latex, which allows for firm compression throughout the day. Ladies can also expand their shapewear horizons to steel boned corsets if they are looking to take the training up a notch. Corsets will always be a bit more intense and uncomfortable than waist trainers, so keep this in mind when it comes to understanding how to train safely.

Sizing and Tightness

Waist trainers should fit tightly. However, they shouldn’t leave you immobile and gasping for breath. Having a waist trainer or corset that is too tight is the reason waist training can be so dangerous. When picking out the right size for your body, it helps to be measured by a professional and have one tailored to fit you like a glove.

If you do not have the time or resources for something like this, be sure to choose a garment that will be tight enough to do its job effectively, but not so tight that your internal organs will be damaged irreversibly. Have an idea of what size your waist is so you can find a garment that will fit closely. It’s important to note that the size of your waist may not be the same as the size of the trainer, so keep that in mind as you order.

Focusing on training healthily will help to ensure that your body goals are met. As you prepare to begin waist training, remember to find the right fit, choose the right style and don’t go too tight. The safest waist training is always the best way to train.

Body Goals and Results

Women may also choose between a waist trainer and a corset if they intend to achieve specific body goals. With waist trainers and waist cinchers, women will really see 2 – 4 inches shaved off of their waist after consistently wearing their garments for a while. This results in a more emphasized waistline and slightly exaggerated curves. If you are a woman that is working towards losing inches on her waist and hoping for a slightly slimmer frame, a waist cincher may be just what you are looking for.

With corseting, women can get a more dramatic hourglass look throughout their torso. Corsets are generally steel boned and really focus on forcing in the abdomen and ribcage to really bring out that hourglass figure. Women that choose corseting tend to appreciate the history of this garment as well as the level of restriction corsets create. Wearing corsets, on the other hand, may simply be a lifestyle choice that makes women feel more confident and sexy with one on. The same can be true for waist trainers and cinchers as well.

If you are debating between waist trainers and corsets, consider how they make you feel and look. Depending on their level of comfort and the results you hope to see, you may be more inclined to choose one over the other. However, many women end up incorporating both corsets and waist trainers into their shapewear regimen, and that is perfectly fine as well.

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