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Waist trainers have long been one of the key things that spring into people’s minds when they think about the Victorian area. This was a time when people were obsessed with having smaller waists. Today, corsets are making a massive comeback. This is partly thanks to the celebrities who we often see wearing them on social media.

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The training of the waist is sometimes considered a new trendy method to shape up and slim your waistline. However, this technique has actually been around for a very long time. It is well known that the Victorians wore corsets which were made from large whalebone pieces inside a silhouette. These were laced up at the back so that they could be customised to the wearer shape. It is also well known that the Victorian ladies achieved unbelievably small waistlines, thanks to their corsets.

Today, we don’t have to use whalebones or wear heavy fabric layers to get the same benefits the Victorians did. Modern waist trainers in the UK are manufactured mainly from high-tech fibres such as latex. And while many celebrities will wear a waist trainer during their workout routines to get even more benefits.

If you have a busy office job, a waist trainer is a great first step to slim your waistline. If you don’t have time to spend at the gym then you can still use techniques that celebrities such as the Kardashians have to take control of your body shape. And by consistently using a waist trainer, you can adjust and slim down your body shape.

Trainer Benefits

Obviously, the first benefit of a waist cincher is the instant slimming effect on the waistline. It will take a few inches off when you put it on. A trainer is sturdier than a girdle so you will get a smaller and more distinct waist straightaway. Also, a waist trainer won’t suddenly roll up like a girdle can at an inappropriate time as they are robust enough to stay in their intended place all day.

If you often sit in front of a keyboard at work, then get a colleague to take a photo of you from the side so you can take a look at your posture. A waist trainer will improve your posture and will also take pressure away from your back. But the trainer is not doing work as much as it is reminding you to sit upright.

Some waist trainers are designed to be thicker in order to increase sweating around the midsection which will shape the body further. Trainers can also increase circulation of blood to the waistline and the temporary reduction in waist size can really help when it comes to fitting into that dress.

Waist Training Rules

You should stay safe when doing waist training by following a few rules this, similar to what you do and inactivity:

  • Only where the way strainer for a few hours a day. Then you can work up to longer wearing periods such as 6 to 8 hours.
  • Buy a comfortable trainer. If it is not comfortable you will find yourself becoming inconsistent especially if it is itchy or unnecessary tight.
  • At first, don’t try exercising whilst wearing your trainer. Only when you get used to wearing it should you move into the more advanced area of wearing it for exercise.
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