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It is imperative that you clean your waist cincher correctly and often so that the wearing experience is enjoyable and you can wear it consistently. When you perform physical activities, sweat being can take place and of course, with sweating comes odours.  Many wearers don’t know how to clean their waist trainer correctly, and if done incorrectly, can also eventually cause irreparable damage to your trainer.corset cleaning

There are three rules that you should follow when washing your waist training corset:

Do Not Machine Wash

Many waist trainers are manufactured partially from latex. Machine washing latex can cause it to melt, and it can also be damaged by chemicals used in washing machines. The bone components in a waist training corset can also be broken in a washing machine. So machine washing is not recommended. Tumble drying is also not recommended as this can damage your waist cincher and can also cause it to shrink. Hand washing and natural drying are always recommended.

Dry Fully

Latex is a natural product, and it can rot if not allowed to dry sufficiently. It’s important to let your trainer dry completely before you use it. Latex can also become discoloured or even destroyed by continuous contact with water i.e. not drying properly. Also, a waist corset should not be ironed as this can damage the latex.

Don’t Use Abrasive Sponges

If you scrub a waist trainer, it can become damaged. You should use a towel which is soft instead.  With a bowl of hot water and some soap, apply some of the water and soap to a soft cloth. Then gently rub the latex with the cloth. Once the waist training corset has been washed entirely, it’s important to allow it to dry fully. You can speed up the drying process by wiping it down first or even using a hairdryer on a low-temperature setting.  The latex in a waist trainer can become discoloured if left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. So it’s important not to leave them outside for hours on sunny days.  Also, ensure that your waist trainer does not come in contact with other clothing when wet as it is possible that it can stain other lighter clothes. It’s also possible that leather can damage latex when it is left in contact with it, so ensure that any leather clothes are kept away from your corset during the drying process.
As you can see the latex is quite a sensitive type of material and so requires care to ensure a good lifetime. But by following these rules, your shapewear should last you a very long time and stay in excellent condition.

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