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Do you want your body to look it’s absolute best?

Do you want and instant improvement in body shape?

We all secretly want to get that slim and trim look, but it can take a lot of time and effort to get there. However, there is a solution that exists that doesn’t require hours to be spent in the gym or making drastic changes to your eating habits.

Even many years in the past, Victorian ladies had the same urge for that perfect figure. Today many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have revived an old style by making use of waist training corsets and tummy cinchers.

corset close up

There are many waist trainers available in the UK, and it can be difficult to filter out the bad from the good. As you may have read, it’s very important to get one that is comfortable. Otherwise you will feel like giving up on corset training immediately.

Many manufacturers claim that their waist shapers are the best, so we checked out the top rated corsets in our serach for the best waist trainer on the market to help you in deciding on one for yourself.

Here are our favourite waist trainers of 2020 so far:

Rank Waist Trainer Review
4.8 out of 5 stars
Ann Chery ClassicClick For Best Ann Chery PriceBest overall, comfortable and well made.
4.3 out of 5 stars
FeelinGirl Waist TrainerClick For FeelinGirl Waist Trainer PriceBest for beginners
4 out of 5 stars
Ann Chery WorkoutClick For Best Ann Chery Workout Trainer PricePerfect for exercise and flexibility
3.8 out of 5 stars
Everbellus Breathable CincherClick For Best Everbellus cincher PriceGreat for taking a break from full waist trainers
3.6 out of 5 stars
YIANNA Waist Trainer BeltClick For Best YIANNA belt PriceBest belt style trainer

Reviews Of The Best Waist Trainers In The UK

#1 – Ann Chery Classic Three Hook Cincher – Best Overall

ann chery Ann Chery is a company based in Colombia which has been manufacturing garments for over 30 years. They have mainly been producing slimming underwear and so are experienced when it comes to testing the best materials to achieve a slimmer figure.

This corset is quite literally a classic and is the output from their years of experience using different designs and materials, making it the best waist trainer available. It is manufactured from a durable latex but also features a soft 100% cotton lining on the inner layer making it much more comfortable than cheaper alternatives and also protects your skin away from the latex outer layer. Ann Chery advertises that it can reduce your waist by 3 inches instantly. It achieves this straight away putting your midsection into an excellent shape quickly. When wearing this, we found it didn’t take long for us to forget that we were wearing it.

At first, the latex can smell a little strong, but this soon wears off. At first, like most waist trainers, it can be a little hard to put on, but once you have achieved it your first time around you’ll find it easier later on.

It features a hook and eye closure with three settings allowing you to adjust the waist trainer at the level of compression that you desire. This garment will shrink your tummy so that you will be able to get into a smaller size of clothing or just adjust your figure. This is thanks to the high amount of  compression which it is able to generate at it’s tightest setting. While this is a tough, sturdy waist trainer, it will still allow you to move unlike some of the more classic underbust and stiffer types. Also, the price of it is very affordable making it the best waist training corset that we have found yet.

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#2 – FeelinGirl Latex Corset – Best For Beginners

feelingirlThis is a particular favourite for many people. It comes in several colours such as pink, blue, black, purple, white and even a Batman print. It features a spiral steel bone construction which is durable but allows the flexibility, which you may need.

It is also very adjustable as it features three hooks (similar to the Ann Chery). So you as you make progress in your waist training, you can move onto the next level of hooks. It is also available in 11 sizes. The spiral boned structure is flexible but supportive, and while it is strong, it is not quite as strong as a traditional steel boned structure. So if you are looking for a serious and tight fitting waist trainer, then we recommend something of a more a traditional style.

The FeelinGirl corset is a more breathable waist trainer than some others, and even on a hot day, you will probably find that it does not leave you with a sweaty midsection. So if you’re looking for a corset which makes you sweat, this is not the one for you. But if you are, our corset cleaning guide can help you to keep it clean.

These generally run smaller than you would expect so we recommend purchasing a size larger you think you would need.

When you have the right size, you will find that it fits great. We found this to be very comfortable and easy to breathe in. There is a slight smell of latex with this when new, but like most waist trainers this smell diminishes after a short while. Overall this is a great quality corset for waist training and seems to be very sturdy and well manufactured.

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#3 – Ann Chery Women’s Workout Trainer– Best For Exercise

ann chery sportsThe Ann Chery workout and sports trainer will compress your midsection and when worn during a workout, it will increase perspiration. This is a great gym waist trainer or exercise corset that allows impurities and other toxins to leave your body (much like a sauna). Being longer or high-rise, as it is often called, it is designed to provide coverage from the waist up to the breasts.

The latex outer covers the boning which supports the posture and bust while at the same time creating a flat stomach and shaped waist. The inside of the gym training corset has a cotton fabric which is soft and comfortable. All of this combined should create around three or 4 inches of reduction of the waist.

This gym cincher corset is designed to fit the body tightly so it’s important to ensure that you get the correct size. Also note that working out in a cincher can be more difficult than normal because they can sometimes don’t allow the lungs to expand to their 100%.

This is a great multipurpose waist cinching corset which you can wear beneath your clothes to show off your curves. But at the same time, it is exceptionally flexible.

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#4 – Everbellus Breathable Latex – Best Cincher (For Resting)

everbellus latex corsetThe Everbellus breathable latex waist body cincher is available in both black and ivory colours and based on a cincher design. This is the best waist cincher on our list which is a steel boned styled corset and also features a more elastic design. You may find it similar to the popular Squeem trainer. This means that it won’t compress as much as a traditional steel boned corset or stomach cincher but it does mean that it is more comfortable. It features a 3 hook design which allows for plenty of adjustment and it is manufactured from 90% polyester.

Being mainly made from polyester rather than latex, there is no smell, and it is also friendlier on the skin. The steel bones seem somewhat thinner than other corsets, and this is more of a garment to hold your tummy in rather than training your waist aggressively. The flexibility of this makes it perfect for wearing for extended periods of time, when you are not fully corset waist training or when you require more flexibility, for example when you are at the gym.

If you are serious about your training, this is more of a tummy cincher to wear when you are taking a break from your serious waist training due to it’s flexibility. It is also quite short meaning that for ladies with a longer torso, there can be some overhang over the top or at the bottom of the cincher.

The Everbellus is a great value waist nipper which is very comfortable where you may forget that you are wearing it. Because it is partly elasticated, you don’t have to worry about it restricting your breathing or being too tight.

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#5 – YIANNA Training Belt – Best Belt Trainer

YIANNA waist training beltThe YIANNA waist training belt is somewhat different from the usual corset or stomach cincher design of shapewear. The body shaper belt design features a Velcro mechanism making it easy to put on and take off. Once you understand how the Velcro and strap mechanism works, this helps you to slim your midsection immediately. The YIANNA body shaping belt is available in a range of colours including pink, blue, green and camouflage.

As well as improving the body shape immediately and helping to support your posture, this also makes your midsection perspire a lot. So if you are looking to get your sweat on, this is the cincher belt for you. This is very useful, especially when exercising as it is also flexible.

This can be a little bulky for some to be worn under tight clothing. Also remember that this is more of a short length cincher rather than training all the way from the hips up to the bust.

The mechanism in which you put this belt on is quite good and provides a high compression. Once you put it on its stays in place and it provides excellent support for your back, even in the gym.

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Finding The Best Waist Shaper

What Is A Waist Trainer?

A waist cincher, corset, body shaper or girdle is an item of clothing which is wrapped around your waist. This creates an instant slimmer appearance. Similar to the way that a butt lifter can improve the appearance of your butt.  These do not only create an instant improvement on your waistline, but over time they can adjust the shape of your waist to that hourglass figure. It can be a time-consuming process to achieve this but the advantage is that you can do this when you are busy. A healthy lifestyle is definitely recommended to help this process.  Waist trimmer belts are another great tool to help reduce the amount of fat around your waist.

Popularity In Body Shapers

lady wearing waist trainer

Waist training is taking the Internet by storm. From the celebrity beauty queens of Instagram to the next reality teen sensations, waist training is heavily promoted all over social media. As a fad that is widely promoted by celebrities and models everywhere, waist training poses many problems that are more than physical waist trainer health risks.  Kim Kardashian revealed in 2014 that one of the reasons she was able to achieve her body shape was from waist training. Since then, the popularity of these garments has skyrocketed, and with all of the body slimming underwear on the market in the UK, this has led to a lot of confusion as to what is best. Also, many manufacturers have started creating waist cinchers without any real experience or knowledge on how to make an effective one. This again has led to a lot of different types of waist trimmers to choose between. It’s important to check waist cincher reviews before purchasing one so that you know that the product you get is of a high quality and is an effective piece of shapewear.

The over saturation of this unrealistic and idealized body that waist training creates can cause serious body image issues in teens and women alike. Society has always been notorious for warping the minds of young girls and women into thinking that there is such a thing as a “perfect” body.

The waist trainers in today’s world simply reinforce a version of this ideal figure.

While getting fit is fine, many women will see picture perfect figures of celebs and Internet stars and become self-conscious of their own bodies. Many women that are in shape and healthy will often start using these garments as a way to become more desirable, like the women they see on their Instagram feed.

Which Type Is Best?

Women that are interested in pursuing the body-shaping route find that they must decide between waist trainers, cinchers and corsets when choosing shapewear. In order to understand how these garments will affect the body, you should understand what the main purpose of each shaping garment is.

Waist training involves the use of a garment that specifically targets emphasizing the waist. This typically refers to a garment made of rubber or latex that will essentially cinch the waist. A waist trainer can fall under other categories and titles like waist cincher, girdle, body shaper or faja. While corsets can also give and hourglass shape the waist, the similarities between a waist trainer and corset stop there. Waist trainers generally are used to only accentuate the waist of the wearer.

With corseting, women wear a garment that is steel boned for very long periods of time in order to reduce the size of their waist. This type of tight lacing specifically focuses on cosmetic modifications of the body or creating the sensation of bodily restriction. Corsets are often made of leather and use laces to tighten the garment. Since corsets are created with very durable materials, they can effectively mold the whole body, rather than just the waist. Corsets can really alter your ribcage, as it will squeeze your organs together and will stiffen your posture.

There is a long history of waist trainers as these Corsets have been around for centuries. These contain boning to create the stiffness in the garment.

The difference between a corset and cincher is the type of boning.

Waist cinchers will have flexible bones made from plastic while waist training corsets actually use bones manufactured from steel. When you put on a waist trainer, you will get that hourglass figure. But, some people struggle to wear a corset for more than a couple of hours because of the pressure that they can place on your body when they are worn. So, some people use a mixture of waist training corsets and waist cinchers as a cincher is generally more comfortable on the tummy and waist.

With a cincher corset or nipper, the flexible boning should allow you to perform more of your daily tasks without problems. Somebody who is serious about their waist training would pick both. Obviously, not everybody can afford to choose a corset and the cincher, but as mentioned previously, a cincher can be worn for when you require flexibility and a corset for when you are in serious waist training mode.

Benefits of Using Waist Training Corsets and Waist Cinchers

The use of waist cinchers and training corsets has been around for a long time. During the Elizabethan era, they were in use so much that they were a fashion item. We decided to take a look at the advantages and benefits of using these items on the body.  While insecurity can indeed be an impetus for waist training, it does not have to be.

There are healthy women that do waist train without negatively affecting their bodies or self-image.

If you are interested in waist training, you can certainly do so without causing damage to your body or mind.

To start waist training correctly and in a positive way, you must be sure to do your research on the type of waist trainer that will work best for you. Ensure that your waist will be comfortably supported rather than unbearably cinched. Effective and healthy waist training should apply enough pressure to allow you to sweat and encourage you to suck your abdomen in while engaging in daily activities. Additionally, waist training should always accommodate a healthy lifestyle of balanced eating and regular fitness.

The next time you see your favorite social media star with their waist trainer of choice, try to keep everything in perspective. Your body is yours and it is perfect the way it is. If you choose to alter your physical appearance, be sure to do so in the healthiest way possible. Being kind to your body and choosing shape wear that is a good fit will lead to a better you.

See below for some waist trainer results:

The Pros

The main benefit of using a waist trainer corset is pretty obvious: the coveted hourglass figure. A corset helps accentuate your curves while you wear it with the effects lasting even without the cincher after prolonged use.

It also improves your posture. When you wear a corset of any kind you have no room to slouch or slump down. Your midsection is supported by the corset which keeps your spine straight and aligned. If you have back pain, wearing a corset while you sit at your desk or walk around can help with back support and reduce your pain and teach you to maintain better posture without the corset.

Another benefit is that the best waist trainer will stop you from overeating.

Many people will continue to eat even when they’re no longer hungry just because they’re enjoying something or they’ve been trained to clean their plate no matter what. As stated earlier, a corset externally squeezes your midsection which helps make you feel full while you eat. The discomfort this causes stops you from eating and can help you lose weight due to physically eating less during the day. That being said, this is only the case when paired with a proper diet and exercise routine.

Waist training corsets can also help you if you’ve just given birth. After a pregnancy, your body has gone through significant physical changes including sagging tummies and loose muscles. Wearing a corset postpartum can tighten and strengthen your midsection and help your body bounce back to its pre-baby shape.

Other benefits of waist training are:

  • Improved confidence
  • An accentuated and supported bustline
  • An accentuated buttocks and hips

As you can see, waist training has a few more benefits than simply giving you a better outward appearance.

The Cons

While the benefits are many, there are also issues that sometimes go along with corset training. As mentioned earlier, the improper use of a waist training corset can cause discomfort or pain and may even lead to more serious problems including breathing issues that can lead to fainting.
Another issue is that some corsets can’t be worn discreetly under your clothes. If you want to wear your corset under clothes without people knowing it, you have to make sure that you pick one that doesn’t show through. Even the most discreet corsets may still be visible under your clothes, especially thin materials or clingy articles of clothing.

Corsets can also make you overheat and sweat more than usual.

Your body temperature will naturally rise due to this additional layer of clothing. This is especially true in hot weather. That being said, the excess sweat produced on your midsection can aid in weight loss by helping reduce water weight in the area.

Waist training may also give you acid reflux if the corset is too tight. Some people report having this issue more so when they eat. This is believed to happen due to the corset preventing proper digestion. If you experience this, the problem might go away by removing the corset while you eat or loosening it a bit.
While there are disadvantages to waist trainer corsets these seem to be easily resolved by loosening the corset or taking it off periodically. So, if you wear your corset properly you might be able to avoid these disadvantages completely.

However, keep these in mind when deciding on whether or not to start waist training.

You should also take your own medical history and current health into account before waist training.

People who have breathing problems like asthma or conditions like COPD should avoid wearing corsets since it can make their breathing issues worse. Similarly, if you have a heart condition the increase in body temperature and the discomfort can cause your heart to work too hard and harm your overall health. If you have any health conditions, it’s always best to talk to your doctor beforehand and see if wearing a corset for any reason will be too detrimental to your health.

With the pros and cons of using waist trainer corsets at your disposal now, you can make an informed decision about starting your own waist training program. Remember to talk to your doctor if necessary and to wear your corset properly at all times—you shouldn’t be in pain or feel short of breath.

More Benefits

The results were beyond our expectations as these items have many advantages. There are many places where these types of shapewear can be worn for optimum results, such as in the sauna or while watching TV.  If you are considering them, here are more reasons to get yourself one.

Instant Slimming

The idea behind the use of waist training corsets and tummy cinchers has always been to reduce the appearance waist size, and they do achieve that instantly. For a start, they can help to make sure that you are always looking great with the corset in place. If you stick at wearing them consistently, it’s entirely possible that your waist will be reduced significantly with a corset or the cincher. While many people know that they work, they are not sure of the secret of consistency.

Correct Posture Maintenance

With a waist corset, your midsection is supported and held in the right posture position, and it makes maintaining this proper posture easier. The stiffness of the corset helps to make sure that your back does not suffer from the issues that many people face with their backs due to slouching or other poor postures. The corset prevents too much bending, slouching, twisting and any other movements that may be caused by improper postures. So with a waist trimmer, you have an excellent support mechanism for your back.

The Best Waist Trainer Boosts Confidence

Nobody is fond of a figure with a bulging midsection. That is why many ladies aim to stay away from calorific foods to stay slim. We thus want something that will do some magic to make sure we are wearing a glass shoe when the prince comes calling. The best way to do that is by using a waist corset. It holds your midsection firm and keeps the figure we all desire to look great at all times. Most people will agree that these corsets improve their confidence by a large degree.

uk corset trainerHelps With Getting Into Shape

There are many ways to get into shape with ease. One of them is using a corset. While we do not recommend ditching your diet or exercise regime for a corset, it makes lots of sense to wear a corset since it acts as a guide for your body. Even when working out or dieting, the body may not decide to give you the shape that you desire. To avoid this, get a corset, and the right areas should adjust to match its shape.

Back Pain Prevention

Back pain comes about due to the incorrect posture being used to sit all day say at a desk or other such places. What causes many types of back pain is the way people sit. Most people sit in a slouched position thus making it difficult for them to maintain an upright posture. For most people, a corset will keep you seated in the right position to avoid back pain and offer some back support. It does not mean that they stay stiff but have some degree of control over their bodies that allows normal movement.

Cheaper Than Alternatives

If you have ever bought a corset, then you know that it does not cost a fortune and works better than other methods meant to give you a great shape in a short while. For the most part, lots of people will agree that they spend less on corsets than dieting pills since corsets cost way less and give them an instant result as far as their shape goes. Keep in mind that the corsets are quite cheap, easily available and can last for many years.

No Side Effects

While some people complain that corsets and cinchers cause damage to their bodies, the damage caused is very minimal and only temporary. Among the reported side effects include difficulty in breathing and muscular weakness. But these only occur if the corset has been worn too tight for an extended period of time. If you find a correctly sized corset and simply focus on getting a good shape and not abusing it, there will be no side effects to the wearer. As a matter of fact, the corsets are among the most comfortable things to wear for any lady. They fit snugly and move with the way your body moves. Keep in mind that they are meant first to follow the shape of the body.

With corsets being quite affordable yet very useful, one does not have an excuse not finding one of these and making use of them. You will enjoy the benefits stated here without any side effects on your body and, after a while of use, will be able to see the results.

The Hunt for the Thinnest Waist

More and more women everyday are latching onto the notion that a thinner waist is more attractive. When their mindset shifts from maintaining a healthy weight to making their bodies as similar to say, Kim Kardashian, as possible, the evils of a negative body image start to take their toll. Without adequate research or an understanding of the dangers posed by waist trainers, women will start using this garment in order to “make their bodies better” and may start training unhealthily.

While one’s waist may indeed be shrinking or becoming more shapely with a waist trainer, these women may end up damaging their ribs, crushing their organs and restricting their breathing and range of motion all in the name of being sexy.