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Most of us come up with new goals to get back into shape, but by the time Spring comes around, we are back to our old routines and then we simply just give up. This can all be avoided by setting the right goals and making sure that you follow through with them. To follow through with your goals will only seem impossible if you make the goals possible and therefore, we have created 10 ways to help you keep your fitness goals for 2017.

By following these guidelines, you will be much more inclined to stick to the goals that you have set and in the end, you will have the results. From there, you can set even harder goals to make it more of a challenge and achieve much better results.
With that being said, let’s look at the 10 ways to keep your fitness goals for 2017:


1. Don’t think too far in the future

When we think of getting into shape, we usually use someone else to model our success upon, but they are much more advanced and then it can be easy to give up. If you keep the goals short term, it can be much more rewarding, and after accomplishing a few of these goals, the feeling of success will start to set in, and you will be much more reluctant to push forward and continue.


2. Start a calorie countercount calories

Cutting calories is almost always necessary when you want to lose weight and keep it off, but many people simply don’t know how many calories they consume every day. It’s also all too easy to fool yourself into thinking that you’re eating far fewer calories than you are, as you lose track of all the foods and beverages you have throughout the day.

A calorie counter doesn’t need to be anything fancy; use a piece of paper you keep in a pocket or your handbag and note what you eat throughout the day. Transfer this amount to a weekly or monthly calendar to see how it’s adding up, and where cuts can be made.


3. Pick one day a week to cut calories

If you find that trying to diet through the week is overwhelming and you love your everyday foods too much, pick just one or two days a week to cut calories instead. It might be a weekday when you’re distracted and busy at the office; have juice for breakfast, a salad with vinegar and oil for lunch, and homemade vegetable soup for dinner. This will help cut your calories overall without making you feel deprived through the week.


4. Eliminate one “problem” food

Consider one food you can eliminate from your diet completely, without substituting another food just as high in calories and fat; that can help you shed many pounds. This might be sugary fizzy drink, a certain snack food you have every day at work, a high-calorie energy drink, or your morning donut. If you get rid of just one food, you won’t feel deprived by trying to stick to an overly strict diet but can still shed those unwanted pounds!


5. Learn to cook

If you rely on fast foods and high-calorie prepackaged snacks because you never learned how to cook, now’s the time to learn! You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to eat healthy meals you’ve prepared on your own, but cooking your own food can mean controlling the sugar and fat content and using spices that give them flavor, rather than sweeteners and oils. You can also cook healthy foods like vegetable soups and stews ahead of time, and they’ll be ready for a quick reheat when you’re rushed, eliminating your need to hit the drive-through.


6. Make exercise funexercise fun

If you hate to exercise because gyms are boring, choose something fun and active. Get a bike, find a nearby hiking trail, join a sports league, play ball with the kids, get a dog you need to walk, or otherwise find a way to make being active fun, and you’ll be more likely to stick with your exercise routine through the new year.


7. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Whether your goal is to lose weight or to build some muscles, it is important to be patient with yourself and know that Rome was not built in one day. Rather motivate yourself and look for the small improvements to ensure that you stay motivated and leave the critique for a later time.


8. Surround yourself with motivated and successful people

As you start getting results in the gym, you will also notice that many individuals will begin to criticize you out of jealousy and this could actually hinder your progress, and you might even become demotivated.
By surrounding yourself with people who have already accomplished what you want to achieve and others that are supportive of your goals. This will also give you more motivation, and you will be able to push yourself further in the gym.


9. Improve your sleeping patternsbetter sleep

This one might seem like the odd one out on our list but bear with me. Improved
sleeping patterns will keep you fresh and revitalized every day, and when you are feeling good, you will be able to push yourself a lot harder. With results being our primary goal, this small change can help you get those results much faster and get that body you have always wanted.


10. Reward yourself for goals achieved

People love to criticize themselves, and therefore they become demotivated, but when they reach a goal, they simply move on to the next one. By working for rewards, the achievement of a particular goal will be much more satisfying and instead of looking up to the next goal, you will be excited to get started.


Final Thoughts

By utilizing these 10 things to improve your mindset, you will be on track to achieve much more and even keep at it. Motivation might not always work for everyone, but with these five tips, you could reach your fitness goals and have that perfect body in no time.

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