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Waist Training the Right Way

Too much of a good thing can be damaging, and this certainly is the case with waist training and other shapewear. Going overboard with restrictive garments like these can create a world of problems for your body, mind and overall health. However, when waist training is done properly and safely, you can achieve the body [...]

Is Waist Training Unhealthy?

Losing weight as a woman is hard work no matter who you are. Whether you’re counting calories, frequenting the gym or trying to understand nutritional labels, losing the right amount of weight can take a lot of time depending on your dream body. As a way to expedite the weight loss process, many women turn [...]

Slimming When You Are Busy

Waist trainers have long been one of the key things that spring into people’s minds when they think about the Victorian area. This was a time when people were obsessed with having smaller waists. Today, corsets are making a massive comeback. This is partly thanks to the celebrities who we often see wearing them on [...]

Waist Training Post Pregnancy

What Is A Waist Training Corset? Waist training corsets are items of clothing that women can use to help them to trim their waist or to get their midsection back into shape after pregnancy. All throughout history, women have been using corsets but today’s corsets are designed to be much more comfortable and are also [...]