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While many shapely women may not publicly share the secret to an amazing body, we’ve found the fastest way to a better bum. With bum or butt enhancing underwear, women can simply slip on a pair of shaping panties and have a rounder butt in a matter of seconds. With zero plastic surgery or pill popping involved, a pair of the right butt enhancing underwear will earn you the nickname “Ms. New Booty”.

What to Look For In Bum Enhancing Underwear

Many pairs of panties will promise to shape your bum, but there are certain things to look for and to avoid for your next pair of butt enhancing undies. Depending on what you’re searching for, certain pairs can make your butt look more toned, smaller, more round, bigger or simply give your cheeks an extra lift.  Be sure to read our bum lifting underwear guide for more.bum lift jeans

The different results you can achieve really depend on what your butt enhancers are made of. When searching for more lift and volume, pay attention to how compression is used in the design of your underwear. With an overall design of mostly compression material, your bum can actually look smaller than it might in a design made of less compression fabric.

Additionally, it is important to pay attention to how and where padding is used. With some butt enhancing underwear, padding will be included to add volume to your buttocks. In certain cases, it can give you a more hourglass form or can make your butt pop out more. However, it is important to note that padding in underwear can easily come across as fake if the underwear is poorly made.

For women searching for a major lift in their bum cheeks, lifting straps may be the right answer. These straps are sewn into the fabric of the design, allowing your bottom to be lifted with ease. Another very popular design for butt lifting on the market today is the style featuring no material where the bum cheeks are. This allows for the butt’s natural volume to be formed and lifted into a specific area by the compression fabric around it.

Are Butt Lifters Right For You?

Butt enhancers are a great way to choose how you want your butt to look and how you want it to feel. With the right underwear, you can even change the way you sit. It is true that most people choose to wear bum enhancing underwear for purely aesthetic reasons, but some women do wear butt enhancing underwear for comfort. For example, some flat-bottomed women choose the padded underwear as a way to make it easier to sit on hard surfaces for an extended period of time.

As you search for your own pair of butt enhancing underwear, keep in mind that no two bum are the same. What might look great on one person may not be right for you. Whatever you choose, there is a right fit for everyone. On your next shopping trip, take our guide for a spin and find what will work best for your butt.

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