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Ladies, do you wish that you could have a rounder, firmer and more lifted butt? Just like Kim Kardashian or J-Lo as they strut down the red carpet?  Or like the models we see on Instagram and in magazines?

Yes, squats and lunges and time on the treadmill can be the solution for great bum lifting.  But there is something that many women keep secret to give them an instant booty lift. These are butt lifters and backside enhancing undergarments.

Just like padded or push-up bras, and girdles that help trim the tummy and firm the thighs, butt lifting underwear and backside enhancers are meant to make your bottom look trim, toned, firm, and downright perky.

They’re a favourite trick used by celebrities on the red carpet and are often worn by models for photoshoots. If you’ve never heard of butt lift pants and backside enhancers, you’re in for a treat as we reveal our list of the best bum lift pants and enhancing knickers we have found in the UK.

Our Top 5 Bum Lifter Pants and Butt Shaping Underwear

 Bum Lifter  Review
4.9 out of 5 stars
SODACODA Padded Bum Lifter PantsClick For SODACODA Shorts PriceBest overall. Smooth, soft and comfortable while enhancing the bottom. Plus features extra padding for an enhanced hourglass figure.
4.5 out of 5 stars
Everbellus Butt Lifter ShortsClick For Everbellus Butt Lifter Shorts PriceLightweight and comfortable with subtle padding for a natural look.
4.1 out of 5 stars
YIANNA Bum LifterClick For YIANNA Bum Lifter PriceAdds extra curves to the hips while being comfortable.
3.9 out of 5 stars
Alove Bum Lifter And Tummy Control CorsetClick For Alove Bum Lifter PriceProvides solid bum lifting and creates an hourglass body shape in one garment.
3.8 out of 5 stars
FeelinGirl Bum ShapewearClick For FeelinGirl Bum Shapewear PriceShapes the thighs all the way up to the tummy and creates a great enhancement to the buttocks too

#1 – SODACODA Padded Bum Enhancing ShortsSODACODA bum padding pants

We found the SODACODA bum shaping underwear to be the best butt lifter we have found in the UK.  This bum lifting underwear creates a smooth look under even the tightest clothes. They also provide firm support in the areas where you probably need it most. The SODACODA butt lifter panties do more than just pad the backside and add fullness, as the tightly cinched foam inserts give you a toned and trim look that is outstandingly flattering for the majority of outfits.

This bum enhancer offers a high-waist design that tones down the tummy as well as the backside and thighs, and its seamless, elastic-free cut means that there are no telltale lines under your favorite cocktail dress or leggings.

No matter the fit of your favorite garment, the SODACODA bum lifter shorts will offer invisible support that no one will know about but you!

If you’re also looking for padded panties that can also help you stay fit, opt for these bum lifting pants. The soft but firm compression around the waistline helps you to minimize your snacking and portions at meal times, since this compression pushes back against a full tummy, so you’re less likely to feel like overeating. This compression also ensures you maintain good posture, keeping the back muscles strong and firmly supported, this is something that you might need for when it’s time to work out or hit the gym.

You should always consider the feeling of the material of panties when shopping for any undergarments, and these particular bum lift shorts are made with a silky smooth fabric blend that is soft to the touch and which won’t cause your dresses or other pieces to “bunch” or get caught on the fabric. For real control and comfort and for helping you look and feel your best, the SODACODA women’s butt lifting shorts are one of the best bum lifters around right now.

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#2 – Everbellus Butt Lifter Shortseverbellus butt lifter

Everbellus is a manufacturer with a solid reuptation and these are great for when you want great support under the buttocks along with some padding and contouring. The padding is somewhat subtle so these bum shaper pants are great if you don’t want the feeling of carrying lots of material and seams every time you sit down or have these pushing against your favorite outfit, dress or trousers.

The Everbellus Butt Lifting Underwear has a lifting and padded bum knicker design offering strong and firm support, but with a natural look and feel that is flattering and even downright sexy!

It features supportive bands made with a polyester and elastane blend that fits the underside of your buttocks well, gently raising them and keeping their curves in place while adding some extra thickness. The outward design of the bands also gently pushes the buttocks slightly up and to the sides as well, so you have a firmer, younger appearance that beautifully fills out the rear of your favourite skintight jeans or clingy dress.

For women who want the most subtle and natural appearance, these are lightweight and there are no lines or heavy bum pads behind you, so you have a very natural look and feel every time you wear the bottom enhancing underwear. No one will know you’re getting that added support but you! This design also means that there is not a huge amount of cushioning to fill out your jeans or to create an unnatural look under your favorite cocktail dress. For your summer wardrobe, you also have a breathable, more natural and comfortable feeling, without a lot of bum padding which can make you sweat.

Whether for a night out on the town or for everyday wear that offers support and comfort, the Everbellus bum knickers are an excellent choice for most daily situations.

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#3 – YIANNA Bottom Lift Pants & ShapewearYIANNA bum lift pants

This particular garment is superb at creating a sexy shape under your outfit, or for when you want added support during a workout or just throughout your day. The YIANNA Shapewear Butt Lifter shorts are padded boy shorts which feature more padding than usual to give a bum boosting curvy appearance, while offering a light and breezy design that makes them suitable for everyday wear.

The YIANNA Shapewear Butt Lifter is made from a perfect blend of cotton and elastane, which offers comfortable but very firm support. The padding is towards in the outer buttocks and hips to create an hourglass figure.  This allows for comfortable sitting and movement. The high-waist design holds in your tummy and keeps it firm, also perfect for anyone carrying a few extra pounds or who needs some help in toning the midsection after pregnancy, while dieting, or even after surgery.

The garment offers firm support, the material is also lightweight enough that the piece can be comfortably worn every day; the breathable soft material means that you won’t feel overly constricted or as if you’re carrying too much padding around the backside. This, along with the support which the butt lifting pants offer, allows you to wear the boy shorts even when working out or going about your daily routine. You’ll get the comfort you want with the support you need for regular wear when you choose these.

They are also made from antibacterial and moisture-wicking fabric with a strong elastic waist, so there is no risk of it rolling down or sliding around. This, too, makes it an excellent choice for everyday wear, or for when you want to ensure that no one knows you’re getting a little bit of added support and padding under your favorite outfit!

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4# – Alove Lace Bum Lift Pants & Tummy Control Corsetalove butt shaper corset

This is the garment we found to be the best bum lift pants and tummy trimmer on a single garment.  Are you looking for a little bit of support around the midsection and backside, but don’t want to feel like you’re wearing some outdated, dowdy support garment that is better left in your grandmother’s closet? If so, check out the supportive but slightly sexy Alove Women’s lace butt lifter and tummy control corset. This beautiful bum shaper offers support with a little bit of sexy lace and front panty outline that keeps it from looking anything but dull!

First, note how the Alove Bum Shaper lifts and shapes your backside. The open hip design of the bottom lifting underwear gently nudges your buttocks upwards and outwards so that they look firm and contoured, and easily fill out any clingy dress or skintight pair of jeans. The piece also offers a waist cincher, a high-waist design that firms and tones your midsection and helps you to avoid that dreaded “muffin top” or middle-age spread. Four metal holders keep the cincher in place, so there is no risk of it rolling or sliding around even when you’re out dancing or taking a walk!

To keep the Alove Women’s buttock enhancer from looking dull, the “cheeks out” bum lift knickers design is lightly covered in a beautiful black lace, and the front of the corset offers a panty outline that is also trimmed in high-quality lace. This gives you an overall look that is sleek and sexy and sure to please.

When toning down your midsection is not enough, and you want something that makes you look as attractive and as sexy as you feel, we recommend the Alove Women’s Lace Butt Lifting Tummy Control Corset.

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5# – FeelinGirl Women’s Butt Enhancer High Waist ShapewearFeelinGirl bum shaper pants

The FeelinGirl bum enhancing underwear is great if you’re looking for an all-over supportive garment that can be worn under virtually anything. This might include your favorite little black dress or snug-fitting jeans. If you are looking for a piece of shapewear that offers comfort and control from your upper waist to your lower thighs, then look no further than the FeelinGirl Women’s Sexy Butt Lifter Pants. This piece offers control and comfort when you need all-over support but don’t want to feel weighed down by added padding or any undergarment that’s too thick and that doesn’t offer you any breathing space.

The FeelinGirl Women’s Bodyshaper Panties are another of the “cheeks out” or bum bra variety, meaning that they provide a cutout in the back that doesn’t give you too much padding and which offers a light and breezy look and feel. Even with this natural design, however, the FeelinGirl Shapewear fits over the hips and upper waist, so you have a fully contoured, firm look from top to bottom! The longer legs of the butt enhancing underwear also trim and tone your thighs so you look good in those skintight pants that you thought you’d never squeeze into again.

To keep the piece in place, the FeelinGirl Bum Lifting Bodyshaper has two separate clips, one in front and one in the back, so you can hook the shape wear to your bra, and not worry about it sliding down or rolling under your tummy. With a little bit of lace at the end of each leg, you’ll also feel as sexy as you look. You won’t need to worry about the piece poking out under your skirt, as the lace will just add a bit of intrigue to any outfit and keep you from looking dowdy and your outfit from looking outdated.

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Finding The Best Bum Shaping Underwear

The Difference Between A Butt Lifter And Bum Enhancer

It’s good to know the difference between these products, as not all enhancers or lifters are the same. A butt lifter does just that; it gently lifts your sagging derriere and gives it a bit of firmness and support. Rather than a drooping rear end, you’ll have the look of firmness and some shape and tone to your backside. This type of piece often has bands that gently curve and cup the bottom of your buttocks, so they are pushed up slightly, something like a pushup bra. There may also be a bit of padding in these bands, so they keep the buttocks in place and help define their shape.

Bum enhancing pants are more of an alternative to bum implants and may just have some padding added to it so that a flat backside looks curvier and fuller. This padding can be very light so that you just have a bit of a curve or “pop,” or it can be very full so that you have a much larger backside and can really fill out those jeans or a tight-fighting dress.

Note that butt lifting underwear and bum enhancers pants can be combined; it may have bands that lift and firm your backside, and then also some padding on the back as well. These are what are sometimes called big bum pants. This can enhance your natural shape and give you a little bit of curve where needed, but don’t assume that they’re always the same or that you’ll get the same look from butt lifter underwear as you would a bum enhancer, and vice versa.  There are also bum and hip enlargement creams on the market and booty pills available in the UK which can achieve great results.

Thigh And Body Shapers

You may notice that some bottom lift shapewear looks like leggings that reach the knees, and some extend up and over the waist, whereas others are no larger than a standard pair of underwear. Each of these pieces is meant to give more firmness and support to other parts of the body as well as the backside.

These leggings that extend to the knees will keep the thighs toned and firm, and body shapers will trim down the waist and even help to contain any extra pounds you’re carrying in the back. While these pieces can make you look your best in that skin-tight dress, be sure you note if they offer lift and enhancement for the backside; some work just as a girdle, trimming down your silhouette and keeping you firm but without actually raising the buttocks or giving you padding for enhancement.

best butt liftersBum Cheeks In Versus Cheeks Out

Some booty lifters will actually have cutouts that expose your buttocks; these are often referred to as “cheeks out” lifters. These may look a little strange when you put them on, but they allow for a more natural look and especially when worn under a thin garment. Cheeks in styles, which are like full panties that cover the buttocks, may create visible panty lines under tight-fighting clothes, and they may also look a bit thick and unnatural. When shopping, you may want to try both varieties and note which one gives you a firm but natural look under your favorite garment.

Biker Shorts Or Boy Shorts To Lift Your Booty

If you don’t like the look of the cheeks out variety or find them immodest for any reason, consider biker shorts or boy shorts. These are longer and cut to be more square than standard panties; they may look like shorts, but fit snugly. This helps to reduce the visible panty line as the legs of the panty are slightly extended rather than cut under and around the buttocks and outer thighs, although they may not offer the rounded look to your buttocks that you are looking for.

Best Booty Lifter Material

Your butt lifter underwear should always be made with a high mixture of Lycra or spandex; this is the stretchy but firm material that will lift your buttocks and keep them in position, and Lycra or spandex is known to hold its shape over the years and after dozens of washings. While you might look for a soft cotton for other varieties of panties or undergarments, cotton can be so soft that it doesn’t hold its shape, and may not hold your shape either! Look for nylon or polyester instead; these may not be the softest or most comfortable material, but they are known for staying firm when worn, so they’ll keep your figure firm and contoured as well.

Caring For Your Bum Bra

Note, too, the laundering for your lifters or enhancers. Most will need to be hand-washed, as they may suffer too much wear and tear in the washing machine and may get stretched out of shape in the dryer. Enhancers especially need some delicate handling, as the padding in the back may be made of a cotton pad that cannot easily withstand machine washing and drying.

When To Wear A Buttock Enhancer

Many women bear their butt lifters or enhancers just for special occasions when they’re going out in that sexy little dress or favorite pair of skin-tight jeans. However, you might be thinking of wearing your enhancer every day; if so, be sure you check for double-stitched padding. This will keep the padding from shifting and moving from constant wear. Also, be sure you choose cotton padding and not a thick foam, as the foam may look firm but can start to become very uncomfortable if you should sit on it for many hours throughout the day. This will ensure you get high-quality enhancers that are comfortable for everyday wear.