6 Best Sport Bras For Larger Breasts (2019)

Stay supported and comfortable while working out, no matter what your chest size

//Best Sport Bras For Large Breasts

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If you have a larger bust, you may have found it difficult to participate in sports and physical activities. It can be quite difficult to find a good sports bra that fits well and offers sufficient support for larger than average breasts.

Having a large chest can lead to pain and discomfort while exercising if the wrong bra is chosen. So choosing underwear which is up to scratch is very important.

On average, women's breasts move 9.08 cm with each stride as they run

Without adequate support, this can result in stretching of the Cooper's ligaments which leads to sagging, irreversible damage and back pain. It goes without saying, then, that purchasing the right sports bra is key to getting more out of sporting activities and to experiencing pain-free exercise.


We tested a total of 26 sports bras over the space of 3 weeks. A whopping total of 37 hours of exercise!

best choice


Shock Absorber

Our Top 6 Sports Bras For Larger Busts (In The UK)



Shock Absorber

Provides great support and offers great comfort thanks to it's breathable material, wide straps and seamless design.



%100 cotton for extra comfort and a slightly lower neckline helps with cooling.



Offered in a selection of appealing designs and colours.  


Shock Absorber D+

Provides the same support and comfort as the Shock Absorber but more suited to those which a larger bust.


​Elomi Energise

Provides the appealing physical line to the body while still providing the support of a sports bra.



Moulded and stylish.  Great for wearing on its own.

#1 - Shock Absorber Run Bra

Made from high-performance fabric incorporating breathable mesh, this sports bra is perfect for keeping you cool while you work out while also offering wide straps for additional support. Minimizing chafing and rubbing thanks to its seamless design, this well designed bra is suitable for all kinds of high impact workouts no matter how large your bust.


With its seamless design, this bra has been designed to never slip during wear whilst also offering wide, padded and fully adjustable straps to obtain the perfect fit for the wearer. The soft inner fabric ensures that there will be no chafing or rubbing with extended wear, and the chest band is made from a moisture wicking, quick dry material to minimise the collection of sweat at all of the main hotspots for a more comfortable workout.

This bra can be worn with an over-layer or on its own while running outdoors and thanks to the reflective tape, you can enjoy high visibility for better safety in poor lighting conditions. Offering friction free support and comfort during running activities, this attractive sports bra has a non-rub hook and eye closure and a design which is backed up by scientific research.

In testing (DD cup), this bra has been shown to cut bounce up to 78%, with twice the support offered by a regular bra. Made by a market leading expert, this garment is the number one sports bra brand and is suitable for all kinds of sporting activities.


  • Cuts bounce by 78%
  • Non-slip design & moisture wicking breathable fabric
  • Seamless inner design for no chafing or rubbing
  • Reflective tape for better safety in poor lighting conditions
  • Wide and padded fully adjustable straps for optimal fit


  • Can be difficult to remove when sweaty because if it's snug fit
  • The adjustable shoulder straps may not be long enough for very tall ladies

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#2 - Royce High Impact Sports Bra

This attractive and simply designed sports bra has been created to offer comfort and support to women with a larger bust and yet who wish to participate in exercise and sporting activities. Its understated and subtle design is attractive, with silver piping details to the edges, and as it is made entirely from cotton, it ensures freshness and coolness while working out.


Available in black, this simple yet appealing sports bra features silver piping is made from 100% cotton to ensure comfort freshness and coolness while exercising. With a convenient hook and eye fastening to the back, this supportive bra has a wide band to ensure no slippage during wear as well as thick straps to ensure a firm grip on the shoulders. The lower neckline allows this bra to be worn either with clothing over it or on its own while working out indoors or outside. 


  • Wide band for reduced slippage & better support
  • Stylish black design with silver details
  • Hook and eye closure
  • 100% cotton for fresh, cool feeling


  • Better for gym wear – for intensive runs it may not offer adequate support

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#3 - Panache Sports Women's Bra

The Panache range has been specially designed with larger busted women in mind and has been created with the intention of making women with bigger breasts feel attractive and sexy. This colourful sports bra is not only support, but it is also visually appealing too with a bright and eye-catching design. With its sporty look, it also offers an excellent shape to avoid crushing the breasts together for a better line under clothing.


This bra features moulded inner cups which have been designed to be seam-free for less chafing and rubbing even when worn for extended periods. The cups encapsulate the breasts individually for a well-defined shape that looks great under tight gym wear, or this bra can also be worn on its own as outer wear.

The performance fabric is breathable to ensure the wearer stays comfortable and dry throughout their workout, minimising unpleasant odours and reducing chafing. Made from 38% polyester and 48% polyamide, this bra also has a 14% elastane content for better stretch and form-fitting shape, and it is capable of reducing bounce by up to 83% for a more effective pain-free workout.


  • Moulded inner cups for individual breast encapsulation and control
  • Seam-free design for reduced rubbing and chafing
  • Well defined body shape for wear under tight clothing
  • Performance fabric is breathable for comfort and dryness
  • Attractive eye-catching design
  • 14% elastane content for better stretch and support


  • The hooks are quite weak and easily become detached
  • Should only be hand washed

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#4 - Shock Absorber D+ Cup Max Support Sports Bra

Women who are looking for a non-obtrusive well-designed sports bra that will ensure maximum coverage and support during working out would do well to choose this garment. Designed in the classic sports bra style, this V-fronted bra is fully adjustable and easy to wear, ensuring the perfect fit for every wearer while also ensuring complete comfort.


Designed with a classic sports cut, this bra has a V-shaped neckline and offers excellent support for women who have a bust size of a DD cup or larger. Made from two different high-performance fabrics, this bra ensures maximum compression for minimal movement even while running and carrying out high impact exercises, and thanks to the fully adjustable straps women of all heights, shapes and sizes can achieve the optimal fit for their body.

Made from 87% polyamide and 13% elastane, this bra has just enough stretch to ensure comfort of wear while its machine washable fabrics ensure maximum convenience for the purchaser. The hook and eye closure is easy to operate while the straps are padded and are extra width to protect the shoulders while offering support for the chest.

The underband has been designed to be extra wide and made from soft fabric to guard against rubbing and chafing. The hook and eyes have also been designed to avoid rubbing while the high performance fabrics are breathable and moisture wicking for reduced sweating and less unwanted odours even during the hardest workout.


  • Specially designed for women with a D cup chest or larger
  • Classic V-front sports cut
  • Fully adjustable, wide and padded straps for better fit and comfort
  • 87% polyamide and 13% elastane for a comfortable stretch
  • High-performance fabrics which are moisture wicking and breathable for coolness and freshness of wear
  • Soft, extra wide underband to guard against chafing


  • Very small sizing – may need to go up a back and a cup size for the best fit

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#5 - Elomi Energise Full Cup Supportive Bra

For larger chested women who want to be able to exercise without worrying about falling out of their underwear or having a painful experience, this sports bra from Elomi is the perfect choice. With its excellent design, it is perfect for women with larger cup sizes who want to maintain and attractive line but who also want to be able to work out in comfort.


Designed in three sections, this bra features two cups as well as a separate side panel to give an appealing forward shape as well as excellent separation and uplift to allow for better airflow and a more attractive physical line. This sports bra from Elomis has a unique non-compression design which nevertheless offers great support.

Shaping the bust in the most attractive way, this garment is made from 94% polyamide and 6% elastane for just enough stretch to accommodate the chest comfortably while ensuring excellent protection from bounce while working out. With a convenient hook and eye fastening, this attractive bra has a full cup cut and an attractive soft satin finish that is stylish, pleasant to wear and visually appealing. Its powernet wings ensure all-round support for the chest while it can be worn in a racer back or standard strap set up to accommodate all of your gym wardrobe.


  • Three section design for lift and separation as well as optimal support and air flow
  • Unique non-compression design for a better physical line and fit
  • Convenient three hook and eye fastening
  • Full cup cut
  • Powernet wings for all round chest support
  • Soft satin finish for extra visual appeal


  • Can be difficult to fasten and unfasten independently
  • Hand wash only

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#6 - Freya Women's Active Underwire Moulded Sports Bra

The Freya line of underwear has been designed with the larger busted woman in mind, and as such it has a number of excellent features to ensure comfort and support for women with a D cup or bigger. Not only that, but the Freya collection is also designed to be visually appealing with a modern, stylish look that is hard to beat. This underwired moulded sports bra offers high performance as well as an attractive look for any woman who wants to get the most out of her exercise regime.


This attractive sports bra has moulded cups to offer excellent individual support to each breast while the high-performance fabric contains mesh panels to allow for greater air flow and better breathability, reducing sweat and moisture and eradicating unwanted odours. With its convenient hook and eye fastening, this sports bra has inner slings to ensure maximum support for larger chests which are also moisture wicking to improve comfort and to eliminate the problem of painful chafing and rubbing over time during high impact workouts.

The strong, wide straps have been well padded to offer additional support, and as they are fully adjustable they allow each wearer to find their perfect fit for their own unique body shape. Thanks to the side hook fastening, this bra can either be worn in the standard strap configuration or as a racer back to match all of the outfits in your gym wardrobe. Available in attractive, eye-catching colours, this sports bra makes large chested women feel more womanly and attractive without compromising on support, and as it is visually appealing it can be worn as outer wear for running outdoors. As it separates the breasts effectively, it can also be worn underneath tight workout clothing thanks to the neat line that it produces.


  • Moulded cups for individual breast support
  • High-performance fabric with mesh panels for better breathability and air flow
  • Convenient hook and eye fastening for easy wear
  • Fully adjustable padded bra straps for better comfort and fit
  • Side hook fastening allows for either a standard strap configuration or a racer back
  • Attractive, eye-catching, colourful design
  • Can be worn as outerwear or under workout clothing
  • Light padding for excellent support and comfort without increasing bust size


  • Hand wash only
  • The back clip can prove to be painful when performing exercises lying down
  • The underwiring may dig in if using this bra for yoga or pilates

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Finding A Bra When You Have A Bigger Bust

There are so many benefits from wearing a good sports bra. But many women with larger breasts give up on ever finding a bra that meets all of their requirements. Often, if they see a garment with suitable support or coverage, they have to compromise on style, but if they find a bra that offers them the feminine, attractive look they were hoping for, they often find that they run the risk of falling out of their underwear or of suffering from pain and discomfort.

female athlete rear

The good news is that several manufacturers are now focused on providing big busted women with underwear that ticks all the boxes, with comfortable and supportive bras that are visually appealing without compromising on fit and support.

These ranges encompass bras for all types of wear, from everyday items to wear underneath t-shirts and tops to multi-way and strapless options for holidays and nights out and, of course, well fitting, supportive sports underwear for use in the gym, while running or while carrying out other high impact exercise regimes.

These six bras are among the best for larger busted women who want to work out without experiencing pain or discomfort. Having been designed with bigger breasted women in mind, they have all of the essential features to give adequate support along with better comfort, ensuring a pain-free exercise regime.

Finding A Bra To Fit A Bigger Bust

The first step to choosing a sports bra is to make sure your size is right. Most women are actually wearing an incorrect size bra, resulting in poor support, poor posture and the possibility of a clothing mishap while running!

A sports bra should fit properly on the first set of clips at the back, so once it slackens over time, you will be able to adjust it to the second row. The back band must also be at the same level right around – if the band rides up the bra is too large but if you find that it's digging into the skin leaving red marks, it's too tight. As a general rule, if you can easily slip a finger under its band and into the cup the bra is a good fit.

What Activity Are You Planning On Doing?

Not all sports bras are suited to every type of sporting activity, so you may need more than one in your wardrobe to accommodate your different needs. You will need cups that have been specially engineered to minimise bounce, integrated gel pads and a wider back band if you are planning on running or doing high impact workouts, while a bra with a high neckline while ensure that yoga is no longer a painful and embarrassing activity.

Whatever you do, make sure that you choose a bra that separates the breasts as this will allow the air to circulate to reduce sweating and moisture while also encapsulating each breast individually to give additional support.

A few Lesser Known Benefits

Support, stability, and damage control are great benefits of sports bras and are probably enough to convince you to pick one up before your next workout. However, there are some other lesser-known benefits that can make you more interested in a good bra for exervcise.

First, there are actually some fitness bras out there with storage. Yes, they have small pockets that you can put keys, identification, or a small MP3 player in. If you’re going for a run and don’t want to have anything other than what you need on you, this is a great option. Similarly, if you’re the type who doesn’t like to bring too much to the gym, this storage can also help you.

Workout bras can also be a valuable tool to use after cosmetic surgery or while recovering from an injury. If you’ve had breast augmentation of any kind, your breasts need time to heal. The support and stability that sports bras provide can help your breasts stay in place better so that they can heal properly. In fact, surgeons will sometimes recommend you wear one instead of a normal bra as you recover.

Finally, modern sports bras are no longer frumpy looking and unflattering. They’re actually quite stylish. Top apparel companies have come out with trendy sports bras that feature great colors, cool designs, and comfortable shapes that make them more fashionable than they’ve been in the past.

With everything that good quality sports bras offer, there is no good reason to exercise without one. Get fitted by a professional, try on some different styles, and find the best sports bra for your body and activity level. Once you get a few that you love, wear them for your workouts and experience all of the benefits they have to offer.

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