The Best Gym Leggings For Women

The top workout tights for your fitness regime

//5 Best Gym Leggings

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When it comes to choosing workout clothing, style can often be just as important as comfort and performance. Nobody wants to go to the gym feeling self conscious, so choosing the best gym leggings that are flattering that don't compromise on functionality is ideal.  Getting non see-though leggings is also very important and this can be common with cheap workout tights.

There are many different style of gym clothing for ladies, and while some people prefer to wear shorts and a vest, or jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt, increasing numbers of women are turning to gym leggings as their exercise wear of choice. These fitness tights are a fashionable choice these days for everyday wear, and so it’s only natural that they have found their way into gyms up and down the country. 

Whatever your preferred workout, fitness leggings bring a host of benefits that are hard to beat.

When working out, it’s important to choose clothing which has plenty of stretch to accommodate movement, but which has also been designed to meet the rigorous demands that exercise will put on it.  Don't worry, the best workout leggings in our guide will meet those demands!

Gym leggings are often a popular choice because they fit closely to the body, ensuring that there is no risk of any clothing becoming trapped in workout equipment, however there is plenty of choice when it comes to women’s gym leggings, so where do you begin your search? Here, we look at 5 of the best pairs of gym tights for women on the market today, so you can make an informed choice.

best choice


Skins DNAmic


We tested a total of 29 types of workout tights over the space of 4 weeks. A whopping total of 42 hours of exercise!

Our Top 5 Workout Leggings (UK)



Skins DNAmic

Skins DNAmic

Provides great support, compression and comfort for an all round great workout session.


Under Armour HeatGear

Under Armour

Innovative fitness technology makes these a close runner up.


Puma Essentials

Puma Essentials

Great value for money.


Adidas Trefoil

Adidas Trefoil

Perfect if you want a comfier and more flattering look


Queenie Ke Power Stretch

Queenie Ke

More aimed at Yoga but provide features suitable for fitness session too

#1 - Skins DNAmic Gym Tights

Skins DNAmic

The Skins DNAmics are the best gym leggings on our list! Skins claim that their compression technology helps to deliver oxygen to your active muscles while you work out and reduce the build up of lactic acid. This gives you increased power and a shorter recovery time. These long gym tights from Skins uniquely wrap and support all the key leg muscle groups to reduce vibration, minimise soft tissue damage and lessen soreness following exercise. These impressively designed workout leggings are full length and are UV protected for safer training outdoors.

Key Features

With UV protection of 50+, these are the best leggings to keep you comfortable and dry thanks to its inherent advanced wicking fabric. Increasing your power and endurance while limiting your chances of injury, speeding your recovery process and optimising your body temperature, Skins leggings are ideal for use in all kinds of gym workout activities.

Their biomechanical design optimises compression to boost your blood circulation and get more oxygen to your muscles to improve your performance, and the precision fit sizing uses weight, height, limb measurements and chest size to ensure ultimate comfort and the perfect fit.


  • UV 50+ protection
  • Unique support for muscles for better compression and blood circulation
  • Wicking fabric for comfort and dryness
  • Precision fit sizing for a more accurate fit
  • Skins leggings promote speedier recovery and reduces the risk of injury


  • The waist band rolls down easily as there is no waistband drawstring
  • The fabric is quite thick, and it may be too warm to wear in hot weather

Our rating

#2 - Under Armour HeatGear Workout Leggings

Under Armour Heatgear

Made from a super light fabric, these compression leggings ensure optimal coverage while guaranteeing excellent support while you work out. The Under Armour moisture transport system helps to wick away sweat so you can be comfortable and dry while you exercise and the four way stretch construction maintains the shape of the leggings while improving mobility.

Key Features

Equipped with anti-microbial technology, these gym leggings resist bacteria from sweat for a longer lifespan and greater freshness, and the flatlock ergonomically designed seams will ensure you can exercise free from the discomfort of chafing. You can enjoy a sleeker and smoother silhouette thanks to the compression fit of these fitness leggings which reduce muscle vibrations, increase blood flow and boost athletic performance.

With its broad, flat waistband, these good workout leggings ensure a comfortable and flattering fit and thanks to the stretchy construction, you can be sure your workout gear will move with you as your exercise.


  • Anti-microbial technology for a longer lifespan and greater freshness
  • Super lightweight fabric for optimal comfort and coverage
  • Compression design to boost blood flow and promote circulation
  • Wicking fabric will draw sweat away from the body for greater comfort and dryness
  • 4 way stretch ensures the leggings will move naturally with your body as you work out
  • Sleek, smooth silhouette and a wide, flat waistband for greater self-confidence and a more flattering look
  • Flatlock ergonomically designed seams ensure comfort without rubbing


  • No integrated zip pocket means nowhere to store valuables
  • These leggings may be too long in the leg for short wearers

Our rating

#3 - Puma Training Essentials Workout Tights

Puma Training Essentials

Made from a highly functional Drycell fabric, these tights have been designed to draw your sweat away from your body as you work out for extra comfort and dryness. The waistband features an internet power mesh for better comfort and greater support where you need it most, and there is even a waistband pocket to allow for secure storage of all kinds of valuables.


The design of these gym leggings ensures that women feel more comfortable and confident when they work out in the gym. Moisture wicking fabric will ensure greater comfort while your stomach will be well supported by power mesh and the laser cut pocket will not add any additional bulk.

The heat transfer sizing label has been designed to prevent any irritation or chafing to the skin during wear, while the iconic Puma cat logo has been designed in a reflective fabric to improve the wearer’s safety when exercising in poor light or at night. The newly upgraded fabric has reduced shine for an even more flattering appearance, ensuring that you feel and look your best in the gym.


  • Moisture wicking fabric for better dryness and comfort
  • Reflective logo for better safety at night
  • Power mesh support for the stomach area
  • Reduced shine fabric for a more flattering look
  • Heat transfer sizing label for minimal chafing and irritation
  • Laser cut hidden pocket for storing valuables without adding bulk to the waistline


  • Cut pocket inside the waistband can cause scratching to the skin
  • Short in the legs for taller wearers

Our rating

#4 - Adidas Trefoil Gym Leggings

Adidas Trefoil

From one of the top fitness brands in sportswear, these Adidas sports leggings feature the brand’s iconic rubber-print Trefoil logo on the lower legs for a stylish and fashionable look. Comfortable to wear and highly functional, these gym pants look just as good out of the gym as they do in it.


These comfortable ladies sports leggings have a stretch waistband with extra width for a more flattering look. They are specially cut for a more relaxed fit to ensure a carefree style, and the inseam measures 71 centimetres in length. The comfortable material will not rub or chafe against the skin, even when working out, and the fit is tight without being uncomfortable or restrictive. These fitness leggings are designed to accommodate all kinds of sporting activities.


  • These leggings come from a leading sportswear brand
  • Comfortable soft material for reduced chafing and irritation
  • Extra width waistband for a more comfortable fit and more flattering look
  • Relaxed fit for carefree style
  • Suitable for all sporting activities
  • Featuring large Adidas logos on the legs


  • May be slightly see-through
  • May stretch after a few workouts

Our rating

#5 - Queenie Ke Power Stretch Yoga Pants

Queenie Ke Power Stretch

If you’re looking for a pair of gym leggings that give you excellent support and control while still looking fantastic in the gym, these running tights from Queenie Ke are the affordable, stylish choice. Made from high quality materials, these fitness tights are equally suitable for relaxing at home as working out in the gym. Designed to slim the physique and produce a more flattering appearance, these high waisted leggings offer excellent coverage and tummy control to boost your confidence as you get fit.

Key Features 

These leggings come from a lifestyle brand that promotes performance, fit, comfort and style. Producing activewear which is accessible and affordable, these workout tights are made from premium materials and feature a high rise, wide waistband as well as a hidden valuables pocket for extra convenience. Made from a moisture wicking fabric to ensure comfort and dryness during exercise, these leggings also offer 4 way stretch for support and compression to boost blood circulation, reduce muscle vibration and lower recovery time.

As an added benefit, these gym tights also feature a gusset crotch which maximises free movement, and interlocking seams for less chafing and rubbing to facilitate rigorous workouts. Available in a choice of colours and styles, these leggings suit every woman and come with a 30 day manufacturer’s money back guarantee for complete peace of mind.


  • Gusset crotch for greater freedom of movement
  • Interlocking seams for reduced rubbing and chafing during movement
  • Hidden pocket for storing valuables while working out
  • A good choice of styles, patterns and colours
  • Moisture wicking fabric keeps the wearer dry and comfortable as they exercise
  • Soft satin finish for extra visual appeal


  • The length may be too long in the legs for short women
  • These leggings have a tendency to slip down during wear as there is no waistband drawstring

Our rating

Gym Leggings Features

There are all sorts of benefits from gym leggings but when choosing a great pair, finding a high performance pair that won’t ride up, slip down or just be plain embarrassing while you work out is essential. 

Here are the most important aspects we always consider when it comes to finding the best gym leggings:

Squat Proof For Your Workout

Nobody wants see-through leggings especially if you like to squat (or any other exercise that involves bending down).  We are always amazed how some cheap leggings ever get through quality control at the manufacturer when the wears bum or pants can be quite clearly seen through them.  The best way to test this is to try them on and check yourself in the mirror.  Wear your brightest pants and drop to a squat position. Can you see you through to your underwear? If so, send them back immediately.  It's a great feeling when you can be totally confident in the leggings and that you aren't being exposed to everyone.

woman in workout tights

Do They Stay Up During Exercise?

Another important thing to consider when looking to find the best workout tights, is whether they are going to stay in position for a full weight training session or your heavy CrossFit session. Low waisted leggings might look great, and they're perfectly fine for some. But for many, the risk of the tights slipping down or showing your midriff can not be good when you're trying to focus on your squat form.  You won’t be able to focus on your exercise regime if your leggings won’t stay in place. A drawstring at the waistband often resolves this problem as you can tighten it to suit your own body shape.

Too Tight?

Is important to get leggings that actually fit properly. This way, we can make sure that they won't rip when you're in the worst possible position. At the same time, it's important that they are not too loose either. It's a fine balance to get right, but it's certainly something that should be considered when buying

What Are They Designed For

It might be a good idea to try and kill 2 birds with 1 stone by using the same tights for running and for the gym. But it's most likely that you will regret it when a zip is sticking in your back when you try to focus on your weightlifting routine. This one is quite simple to see, running leggings usually have reflective areas and various sections. A gym legging is usually quite plain.

High Visibility

If you’re planning on wearing your leggings for jogging at night, reflective trims will help to keep you safe in the dark, and flat-fit zipped pockets will ensure that any valuables like cash, keys and your iPod can stay safely tucked away. An adjustable drawstring at the waist will help to ensure that your leggings fit perfectly to your waist to prevent slippage too.

workout leggings in the gym

One thing you’ll want to consider when choosing workout leggings is fabric. Although it may sound like a purely fashion preference, in fact there is another element to bear in mind. A pair of leggings which is made from a poor quality thin material could well be see-through when worn (as mentioned above) and some materials can make you feel uncomfortable while working out.

Choosing workout tights made from premium quality fabrics will ensure that there will be no issues with snagging or going transparent when you bend over. Compression-fit fabrics are also a good choice, especially if you’re worried about your body shape, since this type of fabric will hug your curves to achieve a more flattering look.

If you will be exercising in a warm environment, you might want to consider investing in Capri style leggings. These are cropped to above the ankle and have all of the best features of full length leggings but with extra coolness and style.

Alternatively, if you would rather make sure that your figure is being flattered to the max, choosing a pair of high waisted leggings will give you greater confidence and will ensure that the smallest part of your body is being emphasised. You can wear this cut with either a cropped workout top or with a longer length t-shirt or vest for a versatile appearance.

How Compression Clothing Helps With A Workout

Finding The Right Workout Leggings

The leggings you need will depend on your training style and fitness goals. There are several things to bear in mind when choosing the right fitness tights for you, including style and fit. Many women are worried about going to the gym anyway as they can feel exposed in workout clothing, so choosing gym tights that offer a flattering fit will help to increase confidence and self-esteem while getting fit.

Here is a quick guide to some of the things to look for when searching for the perfect gym leggings:

  • Style and fashion – staying current with trends can be very important in the gym
  • Seamless design – seams can often rub in sensitive places and that can lead to discomfort and pain that can prevent you from achieving your fitness goals
  • Comfort – clothes which are comfortable to wear and which make you feel more confident will make you feel happier about going to the gym and will help you to accomplish your goals
  • Flexibility – ensuring that your gym leggings have sufficient stretch to accommodate your range of movement and meet the demanding needs of rigorous exercise is essential.
  • Flattering – you won’t be comfortable going to the gym in a pair of fitness tights that don’t flatter your body shape, so making sure that you select a pair that is the right shape for you is vital.
  • Simple – when it comes to gym leggings, less fuss is best. You don’t want any awkward details or stitching that could get in the way while you’re working out. You’re looking for smooth and simple lines.
  • Sweat wicking – nobody wants to feel sweaty! Choosing gym leggings that are made from fabrics which wick moisture will ensure that you’re more comfortable while performing a challenging workout. Moisture wicking fabrics will help to circulate air more effectively and keep you feeling dry no matter how hard you exercise.
  • Length – if you are very tall, you may want to choose full length leggings which give you greater leg coverage, especially if you are working out outside where you may feel the chill. On the other hand, if you are very short, you may find that full length leggings are too long to accommodate your body shape, and therefore opting for a shorter length capri legging could be the best choice for you so that you won’t have to roll the legs up and spoil the look of your workout outfit.
  • Thickness of the fabric – if you will be working out outdoors in a cold climate, a thick fabric will be the best option for you, however if you are exercising indoors or in a warm environment, thinner fabrics may be best suited to your needs. You’ll also need to consider whether a thinner fabric will be too see-through for you to wear to the gym.
leopard print leggings

These five pairs of sports leggings for women are just some of the options available for purchase today, however they represent some of the highest quality, highest performance garments on the market. Whether you’re a keen runner, prefer to use a treadmill or other gym equipment, or whether you prefer a more gentle workout such as yoga, having gym leggings which are up to the task will make all the difference to you in achieving your fitness goals.

If you wear workout clothing which fits and gives you greater confidence, you will be encouraged to continue exercising, and if your workout gear is comfortable to wear without causing you any discomfort, you’ll enjoy the most effective workout experience.

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