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  • fitness goals

10 Ways To Reach Your New Year Fitness Goals

Most of us come up with new goals to get back into shape, but by the time Spring comes around, we are back to our old routines and then we simply just give up. This [...]

  • waist training history

History Of Waist Trainers

A corset waist trainer is a garment which is tight fitting and has been stiffened to create a shape to a female torso These have been fashionable in the past and still are today. Traditionally, [...]

  • pregnant waist training

Waist Training Post Pregnancy

What Is A Waist Training Corset? Waist training corsets are items of clothing that women can use to help them to trim their waist or to get their midsection back into shape after pregnancy. All [...]

  • corset cleaning

Cleaning Your Waist Training Corset

It is imperative that you clean your waist cincher correctly and often so that the wearing experience is enjoyable and you can wear it consistently. When you perform physical activities, sweat being can take place [...]

  • waist training corset

How Long To Wear Your Waist Trainer

When you have found the best corset waist training, you should move on to the basics and consider what you need to remember before starting this sort of training. The definition of waist training is [...]

  • busy woman waist trainer

Slimming When You Are Busy

Waist trainers have long been one of the key things that spring into people’s minds when they think about the Victorian area. This was a time when people were obsessed with having smaller waists. Today, [...]

Waist Trainers

Waist Trainers

We take an in depth look at the top waist training corsets available on the market today

Waist Trainers

Butt Lifters

We take a look at the best butt lifters available in the UK that will really enhance your assets